It's weird that Elden Ring is being turned into a comedy novel for the second time

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring is getting a comedy graphic novel adaptation for the second time.

Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Published by Yen Press in North America, Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree puts a delightfully silly twist on the adventures of the Tarnished, following them and Melina on their grand quest to the Erdtree, and no doubt shenanigans along the way.

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"The epic and foreboding world of the hit video game Elden Ring gets turned on its head in this absurd comedy adventure!" the Yen Press website says of Road to the Erdtree. "Follow Aseo the Tarnished as he struggles his way through the Lands Between. What he lacks in strength, speed, intelligence, charisma, skill, experience, intuition, and common sense, he makes up for in...uhhh... "

Damn, absolutely brutal. Road to the Erdtree's first volume will launch on May 23, in North America at least, and will set you back by $13. We really hope no one purchases the debut volume hoping for a grounded and super-serious retelling of FromSoftware's game. They're in for a shock.

You know what makes this whole thing even weirder? This is actually Elden Ring's second comedy adaptation. Last year in September, FromSoftware parent company Kodakawa revealed a manga adapting the events of Elden Ring into a very silly comedy, where the Tarnished is less a grand hero and more a bumbling idiot.

That manga revealed Tarnished keep their flasks stuck to their butts, if you want a good idea of just how ridiculous things get. Here's hoping Road to the Erdtree has some similarly ludicrous revelations to unveil.

Now we've finally got something to tide us over until the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC drops for Elden Ring. 

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