Elden Ring is the fastest-selling Souls game yet according to early data

Elden Ring
(Image credit: From Software)

FromSoftware's latest game, Elden Ring, could be the developer's most successful launch of all time.

According to game sales data (GSD) released to GamesIndustry.biz, Elden Ring is the biggest UK video game launch outside of Call of Duty: Vanguard or FIFA since 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2, eclipsing brand new titles like the newly released Horizon: Forbidden West. Elden Ring outsold Aloy's latest adventure, which is notably PlayStation-exclusive, by a whopping 2.5 times. 

The numbers indicate that digital copies accounted for over 68% of Elden Ring's sales, with the majority of buyers opting for Xbox or PC. Further, 85% of sales on Xbox were digital, compared to 73% of digital PC sales. For PS5 and PS4 buyers, over half of the sales were digital. These numbers are roughly in line with the same trends other games have seen, though there was quite the boon for a physical version. The Elden Ring Premium Collector's Edition came with some particularly intriguing extras and promptly sold out.  

The game has done quite well for itself outside of the UK, too. Though there isn't any data right now available for how Elden Ring has performed in the US, a report from Famitsu confirms it's sold nearly 280,000 units in Japan. FromSoftware hasn't shared an official statement regarding total sales, and this number includes only PS4 and PS5 totals. 

Elden Ring debuted to glowing reviews from both critics and players. We awarded the game top marks in our Elden Ring review, and it currently stands at 97% on Metacritic. Coupled with the sales data we've seen thus far, it's not only one of the biggest launches for FromSoftware but also one of the best-reviewed games ever at this point. Once full sales data is released, we'll likely see additional impressive numbers. 

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