Elden Ring director commits to "more and more interesting games" after Ultimate GOTY win

Elden Ring's Kale appears before the door of Three Fingers
(Image credit: From Software / Sekiro Dubi)

Elden Ring won big at The Golden Joy Stick Awards 2022 (presented by yours truly), and following its award for Ultimate Game of the Year, director Hidetaka Miyazaki committed to making "more and more interesting games."

We should also mention up front that Elden Ring took home several awards at The Golden Joysticks: Best Visual Design, Best Multiplayer Game, Critics' Choice Award, and Ultimate Game of the Year. In an interview at the end of the show, FromSoftware president and Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki very vaguely teased future projects, admitting that it felt odd doing so after receiving a Golden Joystick.

"As a final message to our players, it feels odd for me to say this when receiving such a prestigious award, but we fully intend to keep making more and more interesting games, so I hope you can continue to hold high expectations for us going forward," Miyazaki said.

This comment might not seem like much - and indeed, it might not be much after all - but as Miyazaki said, something about him making a commitment like this as he's accepting an award for an existing game is just the tiniest bit peculiar. There certainly isn't enough there to extrapolate any predictions about what FromSoftware might be working on and when it'll be revealed, but at the very least, it's worth highlighting.

It's also worth noting that Miyazaki recently said FromSoftware's next game is in its "final stages." The rumor and leak mill suggests FromSoftware is developing a new Armored Core game and that it's pretty far along in development, so there's a good chance that's what Miyazaki was referring to. However, it's also entirely possible there's another FromSoftware project in the works we haven't heard anything about yet. Time will tell.

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