Leaked screenshots for new Armored Core game show splashy giant robot battles

Armored Core 5 cinematic
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Word of a new Armored Core game from FromSoftware has become even more compelling with the addition of a set of screenshots.

The new screenshots were posted by ResetEra user Red Liquorice, who was also the one to share initial word on the game (which they unexpectedly encountered as part of an online consumer survey). The images are lined with blurry white text in an attempt to obscure their user-identifying watermarks, but it's still easy enough to make out what they depict.

The pictures show an assortment of mecha clashing in both ranged and close quarters combat across snowy, industrial environments. According to Red Liquorice's original info, the new Armored Core will take place in "a wide variety of maps" with designs that emphasize three-dimensional movement and the massive scale of combat between giant robots. Speaking of which, the variety of mecha on display should be encouraging for sci-fi gearheads, with a number of different mechanized silhouettes toting all kinds of different weapons.

The original Armored Core was released as a PlayStation exclusive in 1997, and the mecha action series persisted as one of FromSoftware's flagship franchises for years afterward. It hasn't seen a full-fledged new entry since 2012's Armored Core 5, which makes sense given FromSoftware got very busy with its constellation of Soulsborne games around then. That focus has gone strong right up to the impending release of Elden Ring next month.

While the Soulsborne train shows no signs of stopping - as well it shouldn't, those games are great - it's encouraging to see FromSoftware getting back to its giant robot roots as well. We'll keep a monoeye camera out for further details or an official announcement of the next Armored Core.

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