Elden Ring becomes a survival game thanks to this mod that adds features like hunger, thirst, and disease

Elden Ring gameplay
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Elden Ring becomes a survival game thanks to a new mod.

With fearsome enemies around every corner, life in The Lands Between can be tough. But if you're tired of having your Tarnished always meeting their end in battle, you can now mix things up by having them die of dehydration, starvation and disease too.

The Elden Ring Survival Mode mod comes courtesy of modder Grimrukh and adds an assortment of survival mechanics to From Software's latest. Crafting will be essential to staying alive as you'll need to whip up items to fend off hunger, thirst, and even temperature effects. And don't expect your horse to be of much help in this hostile place as, according to the mod's description, "Torrent is also nerfed". 

To add to your woes, weapons can't be found or purchased, so if you don't want to be stuck pounding enemies with your fists, you'll have to craft those too. Various diseases are also now rampant in the Lands Between, which you can randomly contract. A video of the mod posted by Grimrukh on Twitter shows their Tarnished come down with a disease called the 'Plague of Limgrave', which sounds anything but pleasant. As the footage shows, travelling around Caelid is also much more of a pain thanks to its fierce heat. 

Lastly, you'd best stock up on carrots or invest in a good torch as nighttime is now much darker. If you think you're up to the challenge, the Survival Mode mod is available to download right now on NexusMods.

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