EIEIO 2008

Yeah, we'll give E3 its props. But the last thing we needed is another ginormous game expo thatletsthe big boy publishers hog the spotlight and peddle their billion dollar franchises front and center. Enter the grassroots showcase, Expo for Interactive Entertainment: Independent and Original - or more preferably pronounced as the sing-songy EIEIO.

Absolutely drowning in indie cred, this is the event our parentsnever wanted us to cover. Booze, babes, and violent games were represented in full at this year’s event (not that we’d expect anything less with that publishing rapscallion Gamecock so heavily involved.)T'was a good time had by all, and the level of insanity rose tenfold once the greasy, unwashed public showed up to the shindig.

Above:Seriously, look below

We’ve peppered this article with images of the semi-famous day of debauchery, as well asvideos frommany ofthe games on hand.Links to individual previews abound, so get clicking! You can start by playing the scandalous trailer below. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Legendary |Preview| PC, 360, PS3 - Q3 2008

Section 8 |Preview| PC, 360 - Q3 2009

Above: Bearded Lady or a beautiful tuck job?