Legendary - hands-on

Poor, poor Charles Deckard. As the unenviable thief duped into opening Pandora’s Box, he’s now the unlucky bastard caught between a plague of mythical hell-beasts and two ancient, warring factions that wish to control them. A battle unlike any other is now upon us all. Minotaurs, werewolves and golems: oh my!

In our last hands-on with Legendary (formerly Legendary: The Box), we bravely fought bloodthirsty griffins in the streets of New York City. This time we took a later stage out for a spin, and damned if the ante wasn’t significantly upped. First off, the Black Order (a centuries-old society that wants the box opened) was all over our ass. So Deckard is already outgunned in a vicious modern firefight. It didn’t seem like anything we couldn’t handle... until the werewolves showed up. Dear God.

Caught in a three-way fracas, we picked off members of the Black Order with an automatic rifle, while we found the shotgun preferable for dealing with werewolves (as well as their albino Greek cousins, the Limos.) More interestingly, we had the lofty option of hanging back and allowing our two opponents fight it out - like we were some unholy cross between Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars and Van Helsing. The infantry soldiers didn’t stand much of a chance against the nightwalkers, usually getting ripped in half or devoured in a matter of seconds. But hey, at least they softened them up a little for us.

In a hilarious turn, we shot the lock off a cage containing one of the full-moon brutes from high up on a ledge. The wolf proceeded to pounce on a line of problematic soldiers behind ample cover, thus taking care of them for us. Of course, a situation like that means the remaining wolfmen are now entirely your problem.