Legendary - hands-on

Remember: until you see a luminescent aura emerging from the neck hole of the inhuman fallen, they are not dead! After you’ve taken the werewolves down, you must blow their heads off, otherwise they’ll reanimate. And nobody wants that. As long as you’ve done the delicious deed of separating head from shoulders, you may then suck out the remnants of their soul by holding a button to fill your Animus meter. Your Animus power is what separates you from the surrounding meat fodder, and it can be used to replenish your health and even repel aggressors.

While getting slash-attacked by up to three in-our-face beasties at the same time, we simply held out our hand and forced them back with a burst of energy like a freakin’ Sith lord. After putting some distance between us and them, they began hurling stone benches and other pieces of scenery at our hero. This is where projectiles like grenades and Molotov cocktails come in damned handy, because nothing says “job well done,” quite like watching a shrieking, flaming werewolf scurry up a wall to get away from you.

Of course, this was all leading up to a climactic boss battle, and before we could say “reload,” we were staring into the braying face of a bipedal Minotaur. While he was bitch-slapping death into a couple foolhardy soldiers with a giant stone crucifix, we laid into him with some grenades and heavy fire. Soon enough, we were the last man standing, and the Minotaur was charging at us faster than a Gears of War Berserker with 20/20 vision.

As he tore through walls and columns, it was all we could do to sprint out of its path like a heavily -armed matador until we found a weak point in his back. While he was momentarily stunned, we unleashed copious rounds of ammunition into his exposed spine in a manner Theseus never even dreamed of.

Once the Minotaur was vanquished, we sucked up his Animus, then were promptly ensnared by a tentacle and dragged into blackness. Demo over, dammit! Legendary certainly didn’t fall short of expectations, and in the months leading to its third quarter release, it’s a safe bet that developer Spark Unlimited has more even more aggressive critters up its sleeve. So, stay tuned for more hell on earth.

Mar 13, 2008