Delayed eFootball 2022 update will finally start fixing glitches this week

eFootball 2022
(Image credit: Konami)

An eFootball 2022 update is finally coming this week, and it's exclusively dedicated to fixing up bugs which have plagued the game since launch.

eFootball 2022 version 0.9.1 will start rolling out on Friday for both PC and consoles, with Konami saying on Twitter that it "serves to fix bugs only, with detailed patch notes made available on our website at the time of release." The patch, which will be the first major update for the game, was originally set to roll out in October.

Soon after its launch in September, eFootball 2022 players reported a laundry list of issues with the game, ranging from problems with how both players and the ball moved across the pitch to some unflattering recreations of famous players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Even beyond the glitches and potential oversights, our own eFootball 2022 review lamented its state at arrival as "a demo in all but name" due to a lack of common features such as league play.

The eFootball 2022 update coming on Friday won't add more to do, but it will hopefully start to solidify some of the issues that made what was already there at launch difficult to play. As it stepped away from its long-running PES series, Konami has positioned eFootball 2022 as the start of a new, service-based approach to football/soccer games - while it's had a rough start, the next few months are when Konami will really demonstrate its commitment to eFootball's new model.

Meanwhile, you can see how the competition fared at launch with our FIFA 22 review.

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