EA Play 2021 - Everything announced at this year's showcase

Dead Space remake
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EA Play 2021 has arrived, delivering new game announcements over a month after all the E3 2021 reveals. The headlines are a new Grid game called Grid Legends, along with the highly anticipated Dead Space remake. We got new glimpses at existing titles too, such as fresh content coming to Apex Legends and the first gameplay footage for Lost in Random. Here’s everything announced and revealed at EA Play 2021.

Grid Legends

A brand new entry in Codemaster’s classic racing series was EA Play Live’s first reveal of the night, with Grid Legends racing into view. The fast-paced racing game isn’t only bringing a load of vehicular drama with a wide range of cars, trucks, and more to race, but it’s also bringing human drama in the form of a prominent story mode that features lots of egos clashing. Grid Legends is set to launch in 2022. 

Apex Legends: Emergence

Apex Legends debuted a new story trailer for season 10 of the popular battle royale, titled Emergence. We saw more of the slick and stealthy new hero, Seer, as well as a younger version of existing hero Mirage. We'd seen Seer in a purely cinematic trailer, but today's showing revealed some of the ways the tracker can avoid detection to wreak havoc on enemy teams. EA also confirmed some new maps are in the works and included a reminder that ranked arenas are coming to Emergence when it drops August 3.

Lost in Random

A brand new gameplay trailer for the Tim Burton-esque adventure Lost in Random gave us a greater sense of its dark fantasy world, as well as the unique card-powered battle system that powers its action. As you explore the world you'll build up an arsenal of cards to use against enemies in real-time, third-person combat: play a hammer card and our hero Odd will instantly receive a massive maul to smash up her enemies, summon a bubble shield for protection, and so on. Lost in Random is coming to PC and consoles (including Switch) on September 10.

Knockout City: Season 2

On July 27, we’re getting a second season for EA’s dodgeball title Knockout City. Entitled Fight at the Movies, the season will deliver a new movie-themed map called Holowood Drive-In, which will see players battling through movie scenes across multiple genres. There’s even a new Soda Ball to commemorate the occasion, which you can use to cover your rivals’ screens with sticky soda with a well-timed throw. There’s new League Play to look forward to as well, along with fresh cosmetics, and more. 

Battlefield Portal

The latest mode revealed for Battlefield 2042 is much, much more than that because it’s basically a mode maker. Known as the Battlefield Portal, it’s a platform that former Ripple Effect Studios (formerly DICE LA) is building to let players create their own multiplayer modes across classic Battlefield maps spread across four eras of the series. You’ll be able to mix and match content from a number of Battlefield games to create new game modes, and then share and discover them with other members of the community using Portal. You won’t be able to edit the maps themselves, but you can use different elements from the games and then various tools to create your own modes to play with friends. 

Dead Space

The show ended with our first look at a “rebuilt” Dead Space by EA Motive using the Frostbite engine. Featuring the creepiest version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star you’ll ever hear, alongside a nod to one of the most famous bits of graffiti from the first game (you know, the one that tells you how to take on the Necromorphs), this short tease got us ready for when the sci-fi horror classic lands on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC in the future. 

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