EA partners with indie devs Trapdoor, Borne, and Vanguard for three downloadable titles

EA has joined forces with three indie developers - Trapdoor, Borne Games, and Vanguard Games have all signed deals with the publisher, which will be releasing one game from each on XBLA, PSN, and PC next year.

That's great, but now let's see which developer is the most excited to be working with EA. GO!

In the blue corner, Trapdoor is wielding its sci-fi stealth game, Warp, which will be released summer 2011. The dev's founder, Ken Schachter, cracked his knuckles and said, %26ldquo;Working with EA Partners allows us to expand our distribution to a much larger audience while still being able to retain our creative vision and identity.%26rdquo; Booyah!

Over in the red corner, veteran Vanguard Games is holding up Gatling Gears, a top-down twin-stick shooter set in the same universe as its last game, Greed Corp. Vanguard Games CCO Martin de Ronde commented, %26ldquo;We feel Gatling Gears is a great representation of what our incredibly talented team is capable of and we can%26rsquo;t wait to bring this game to market together with a strong publisher like EA Partners.%26rdquo; Awwww, snap! Suck on that, Trapdoor!

Above: Gatling Gears will be downloadable spring 2011, and in the meantime, developer Vanguard will be really enjoying its new partnership with EA

What's this!? Trapdoor's Ken Schachter isn't done! He continued, "As an independent studio we are thrilled with the opportunity to leverage the expertise and talent of EA's publishing organization to bring our very first game on console to life." KA-BLOW! What a come back!

But wait, there's one more contender... in the green corner, Borne Games is getting a wipe-down from its new coach, EA 2D. It's flashing The Fancy Pants Adventures, an existing Flash game which'll be ported to XBLA and PSN this spring.

Founder Brad Borne has just thrown a few air punches, and here comes the statement... "Working with EA allows me to do more than I could have ever imagined. This is the opportunity of a lifetime."

Oooooooooooooh shit! This is absolutely unprecedented! Borne pulled out "opportunity of a lifetime" in his very first press release quote! And that'll do it, folks!

No really, that's all we got. Oh, except that EA also announced that its EA Play Label is developing another downloadable title, Wildlife: Forest Survival, which will also be out in spring next year.

Above: Some wildlife or whatever

"Wildlife: Forest Survival gives players the unique perspective of seeing the world through the eyes of an animal in the wild," said Jon Dean, Executive Producer at EA Salt Lake Studio. "Experiencing the rush of pitting animals against each other, learning about the laws of nature, and feeling the thrill of the hunt, chase and kill is sure to make for a game that showcases survival of the fittest at its best."

Cooool dude, but without any comment about how much you love working at EA, this is barely news.

Nov 11, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer