EA announces FIFA 17's best ten players (er, other than numbers 1-3)

In an act of cheek to match Paul Gascoigne in his pomp, EA has announced player ratings for the top ten stars in FIFA 17 – but (for now) cut the list off at number four. 

The idea, of course, is to keep fans wondering what ratings will be given to the three best players in the game: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jordan Henderson. Sorry, Neymar. 

Here's the countdown from 10 to 4:

  • 10. David De Gea (Manchester United) - OVR 90
  • 9. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) - OVR 90
  • 8. Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich) - OVR 90
  • 7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United) - OVR 90
  • 6. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) - OVR 90
  • 5. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich) - OVR 92
  • 4. Luis Suarez (Barcelona) - OVR 92

It means Neymar is guaranteed to have improved on last year’s rating of 90, whereas Ronaldo and Messi may stay unchanged - they were scored 93 and 94 respectively in FIFA 16

You can view player ratings for the full top 50 (other than that final trio) at the official FIFA 17 website.

FIFA 17 is out on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on September 29. 

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