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E3 07: The Asses of E3!

Thursday 12 July 2007
Yep, there's games. And quite a few of them. But man cannot live by gaming alone and GamesRadar was hoping this year to grab a few eyefuls of the expected swim suited booth babes at this years show. But there aren't any.

This year, it's all about grey businessmen and sensible looking developer types in the obligatory uniform of chinos and cell phone holsters. Not to be deterred from the (franky pathetic) charge of a cheap thrill, GamesRadar is right now stalking the show, the meeting rooms and the hotels that make up this year's E3, sneakily snapping the hottest bums we can. The ladies of the international games industry are not safe. We are out there NOW. Snapping and posting the very hottest of the red hot babes that make their living from games. Um… can you get arrested for this?

A classic to kick off. Nice knee length skirt, black and classic. We caught her kneeling down to fiddle with the undercarriage of a game pod. She could, as they say, fiddle with GRs undercarriage any day of the week.