Dying Light flags location guide

Slums: Flags 01-10 

Flag #1

Atop the Headquarters crane connecting both buildings
Simply go to the same rooftop you visited during your freerunning training with Rahim. The flag is at the highest point of the crane.

Flag #2

Flag #3

Flag #4

Flag #5

East Antenna
Travel east and look for the antenna south of the major highway. Climb to the top of the antenna to find the flag.

Flag #6

South East Village
This is one of the easier flags to obtain. Travel to the densely packed village in the southeast part of the map

Flag #7

Flag #8

South West Village
Travel about 150 meters south west from headquarters. Look for a building with large blue plastic garbage containers on various floors. Climb to the highest one to find the flag.

Flag #9

Flag #10

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