Dwayne Johnson debuts Black Adam costume ahead of DC FanDome

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The stars of DC FanDome (opens in new tab) have been heavily teasing the upcoming superhero event over the last few weeks. Those to be hyping up the comic-book event of the year (sorry SDCC) include Dwayne Johnson – AKA The Rock – who will son be portraying Black Adam on screens.

Taking to Instagram, Johnson uploaded a video which sees the camera slowly move down a corridor before *FLASH* Black Adam smashes down. It's an almost blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but it's a tantalising look at what's to come. 

“The hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change,” Johnson writes alongside the video. “Black Adam arrives tomorrow at #DCFanDome. Personally, I salute my Warner Bros and DC partners for creating this historic opportunity for fans to absorb our entire DC universe while we all continue to manage the challenges of COVID. Well done. The man in black is coming to crush them all.”

Johnson first confirmed that a Black Adam movie is on the way back in November last year, yet the actor has been linked to the role for years. In fact, Total Film (opens in new tab) first reported on the casting back in 2014 (opens in new tab) when Johnson tweeted: "'Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot.'" My honor to become... Black Adam."

There were rumours at the time that Johnson may play Captain Marvel, AKA Shazam, but instead that character was brought to life by Zachary Levi. 

Black Adam is expected to reach cinemas December 22, 2021, though that date could change. Filming was set to begin in July, but was postponed due to the coronavirus. We'll have more news on the movie at DC FanDome – here's how to watch the event.

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