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Dragonborn, other Skyrim DLC hits PS3 in February

The long winter of discontent is nearly over for PlayStation 3 Skyrim players. Today Bethesda announced all three DLC packs for the game will hit PlayStation Network in February, and will be priced half-off for their first week.

Dragonborn will arrive first, followed by Hearthfire, and finally Dawnguard--the first major DLC released for Skyrim--will complete the cycle. Bethesda provided no specific dates, but made it clear they'll all be available by the end of next month.

Patch 1.8 for Skyrim will arrive just before Dragonborn on PS3, marking the end to Bethesda's months of struggles to get the extra content's performance up to snuff on Sony's consoles.

PC gamers will also get to head to Solstheim when Dragonborn releases on Steam on February 5.

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