Doomsday is here!

Here at TF Towers, we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that Friend Of The Mag Neil Marshall has delivered another gem.

He’s dabbled with werewolves and gone caving for horrid beasties and now he’s bringing us his personal tribute to the ‘80s action movies he loves and the OTT exploit-o-thrillers you just don’t see enough of these days. Part Mad Max and very British (despite partly shooting in South Africa), Doomsday sees an infection-ravaged UK trying to survive by sending a highly skilled soldier (Rhona Mitra) into a future Scotland locked behind a giant wall to protect survivors of the virus. Turns out the highlands are now bristling with a dystopian society full of man-eaters, maniacs and Malcolm McDowell. Which, while they add spice to any party, aren’t exactly what you want opposing you in your search for a cure.

Check out the trailer here. And if that’s not enough for you, website Shock ‘Till You Drop has some exclusive new pics.

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