PS4 and PS3 patch released for game-breaking WWE 2K16 DLC

UPDATE (2ND FEB): 2K released a patch for both PS4 and PS3 overnight which fixes the Universe mode problem as well as some other issues. Xbox One and Xbox 360 patches are also said to be imminent. In the meantime, the Future Stars Pack DLC has been temporarily removed from the Xbox Games Store.

ORIGINAL STORY: WWE 2K16's already vast roster was bolstered by another five grapplers with the release of yesterday's Future Stars DLC – yet publisher 2K Sports has now advised gamers not to download it, after it was found to completely break Universe Mode.

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The pack contains Samoa Joe along with two tag teams: Blake & Murphy, and Los Matadores. Within hours of release numerous gamers on both 2K16's official forum and the independent reported serious issues, whereby all data in Universe Mode was being reset once it was installed. Essentially, three months spent putting together tag teams, building in-game storylines and customising shows were rendered obsolete in an instant.

Late last night, 2K responded. "We’re aware of an issue some users are experiencing with Universe Mode save data connected to the Future Stars Pack DLC," wrote community manager Bryan Vore. "After initial investigation, we’ve found this issue only affects PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users will not experience this issue. If you are an active Universe Mode player on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we recommend waiting to download the Future Stars Pack until we fully investigate and resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience."

Despite the issues the pack is still available for purchase from both the PlayStation and Xbox Games Stores at time of writing.

This is the second year in a row where the WWE 2K series has had a major issue with regards to deleting users' saved game data. Plainly, it isn't on.

I'll update you if and when the DLC pack Universe Mode issues are fixed.

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