$900 Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand figure puts a tiny Keanu Reeves on your desk

(Image credit: PureArts)

Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny Silverhand is getting his own collectible 1/4 scale figure, and barring the invention of a shrink ray, it's your best shot at putting a tiny Keanu Reeves on your desk. 

This figure comes to us from PureArts, which has also prepared a suite of clothes and accessories you can use to customize your Johnny. You've got a cigar, a guitar, sunglasses – the full rocker kit. What's more, it's got a lighted base and a speaker-equipped LCD backdrop that plays music and screensavers from Cyberpunk 2077. All that for the *check notes* not-exactly-low price of $849 for the standard edition or $899 for the deluxe edition. As it happens, there will only be 2,077 units of each edition.

(Image credit: PureArts)

This isn't the first Johnny Silverhand figure we've seen, but it's easily the most impressive (and expensive). At the start of the year, a line of 7" Cyberpunk 2077 figures from McFarlane Toys was announced, featuring protagonist V as well as Johnny. Where McFarlane put more emphasis on poses, PureArts seems to be all-in on sheer fidelity. It's not every day you get a figure with its own freaking stage show. 

PureArts' staggering Johnny Silverhand figure is available for pre-order today, and it's expected to ship in early-to-mid 2021. Just in case you're already planning to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 but have found that even the fanciest edition of the game can't properly express your ravenous fandom.

A new Night City wire is coming tomorrow, and it looks like we'll finally get the PC system requirements. 

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