Look who's returning for Game Of Thrones season 6...

Some potentially spoilery Game Of Thrones news to bring you this morning, with the spotting of a certain cast member entering Belfast airport potentially dropping a huge hint towards the future direction of one of the show's major storylines. An eagle-eyed fan has posted an image of Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) arriving in Belfast alongside fellow cast member Tom Wlaschiha (Jaquen H'ghar), adding further fuel to the rumour that Jon Snow will be back for season six after all. This is apparently not the first time Harrington has been spotted in the city during pre-production on season six, which makes most think an on-screen return is looking increasingly likely.

Naturally, Harrington is maintaining the party line that "dead is dead", and Jon Snow really did meet his end at the hands of his treacherous brothers. But whether that precludes the character returning in a new incarnation remains to be seen…

The truth about this one is going to be increasingly hard to keep under wraps as filming begins, but for now at least, hope springs eternal for fans of the Lord Commander. Season six of Game Of Thrones will hit our screens next spring.

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George Wales

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