Doctor Who deleted scene and out-takes online

Now here's an ace thing: get yourself over to the American Sci Fi Channel website (who are broadcasting Doctor Who over in the States) and you can see a deleted scene from season two!

It's from "School Reunion", features the Krillitane teachers having a quick, er, rat break, and is pretty funny! Also on the video player are a couple of out-takes, the highlight being a very silly bit of a Cyberman running round a park.

Anyway, go here to watch these goodies. You'll have to sit through a crappy advert for a horror film first, but it's worth it...

The season two box set is out on 20 November, and hopefully it'll include a lot of this stuff. They forgot to put the deleted scenes on the season one box set, so (fingers crossed) it should contain all of those too! Our review discs haven't turned up yet (bah) so all we've seen are Billie and David's video diaries... which are okay, but a bit disappointing. You get the feeling that David shot quite a lot, but they've only used tiny little bits of it. The highlight is probably seeing David's girlfriend Sophia Myles visiting the set and asking why the Dalek has an egg
whisk attachment. Bless. At that point they obviously hadn't yet reached the stage of the relationship where you sit the girl down and explain all about the Daleks (best to leave that for about three months in).

Author: Ian Berriman