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The Division 2's first raid is coming this month and the fourth specialization is close behind

The Division 2's big Tidal Basin update is due out tomorrow, April 5, and as developer Massive Entertainment revealed today, there's more in it than we thought. On top of that, Massive finally locked in a Division 2 raid release date: Operation Dark Hours will open on Thursday, April 25. 

Dark Hours will be The Division 2's first eight-player raid, and it'll headline the next major Title Update after Tidal Basin. "Operation Dark Hours sets the ground for the epic fight over the control of the city," Ubisoft said in a new video. Not much else is known about the raid other than the fact that, like much of The Division 2 endgame, it's infested with Black Tusk soldiers. 

The video also reveals that Title Update 3 will introduce Classified Assignments, but the nature and rewards for these assignments have yet to be revealed. As a guess, I'd say there'll be lots of bad guys and many glowing guns. Among those guns, you may find one of the two newly revealed Division 2 Exotics: the Pestilence LMG and Nemesis sniper rifle. Both Exotics will be available after tomorrow's update, and I reckon they'll come in handy in the raid. 

Finally, Ubisoft teased the next addition to The Division 2 specializations. The fourth specialization is scheduled to arrive in Title Update 4 which, judging from the timeline thus far, will be released sometime in May. No word on what this specialization is just yet, but we did get a glimpse at its signature weapon: a dang minigun. 

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Austin Wood

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