Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats

Diddy Kong Racing DS Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by dog digger

    Coins From Trees

    Shake the trees with the DS stylus and coins will fall out (note: if you want to get more coins go to another tree and shake it. Then go back to the tree you shook before and there will be another coin in the tree).

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Cheats

    Cracking the wall

    Go down to the beach and touch a coconut tree with your stylus. Pull one of the trees back and release it. You can make three cracks in the wall. Coins will fall down after you hit all three cracks with the coconut. Then collect them quickly because the coins will appear which can quickly disappear after about ten seconds.

  • DS | Submitted by E-jae

    Coconut tree coins

    The beach

    Some trees allow you to launch coconuts using the DS's touch screen. If you launch them at the wall they will create cracks in the wall, and for a short period of time coins will pop out of them.

  • DS | Submitted by Nintendo Projects

    Different Sky Color

    Haunted Woods

    When you are playing Adventure Mode the sky of Haunted Woods would have a red color and when you are playing Multiplayer/Wi-Fi Mode the sky will be blue!

Diddy Kong Racing DS Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Cheats

    Unlock Adventure 2

    Complete everything in Adventure 1. After the second Wizpig race in space and the credits, you'll unlock Adventure 2.

  • DS | Submitted by Cooldude

    T.T. Amulet

    Collect all secret keys and open all the doors with them. Defeat T.T. in all the tracks you create and you will gain a piece each time. Make the track shorter for a quicker win.

  • DS | Submitted by SCotty

    Unlock Secret Characters

    Taj - Complete Adventure 1
    Wizpig - Complete Adventure 2
    Drumstick - Toss a frog up to the frog picture in the world map. Stomp the frog that comes out.
    T.T - Beat all of his ghosts in Single Player Race.

Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Cheats

    Answers To The Sand Puzzle

    Near the lighthouse, theres a location where you can use the stylus to draw puzzles in the sand. If you draw a balloon, you'll get a golden balloon. If you draw a pentagon, you'll get a you can get 10 coins. If you draw a coin (small circle shape) scratch card, but you can do this up to four times.

Diddy Kong Racing DS Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Cheats

    Easy Coins

    When you go to the Beach,there should be a lot of trees on the sand.Shake the trees until a coin falls then collect the coins & go to the next tree you see.

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Cheats

    How To Get The Secret Keys

    Dino Domain, Snow Mountain, The Island and The Village

    Ancient Lake Secret key:
    At the start of the Ancient Lake level, there will be a ramp on the right. Collect a blue balloon and boost up the ramp collecting the key.

    Snowflake Mountain Secret Key:
    Go to Snowball Valley .To left before the fork. You do not have to come in first.

    Crescent Island Secret key:
    Start the Crescent Island level and pass by the big river on your left. After this river, there will be a little lagoon. The key is in here.

    Boulder Canyon Secret key:
    Go across the drawbridge and hit the blue balloon and the little bell. You should now have a boost. Turn around and wait until the drawbridge is fully raised. Boost up it and you should now be sitting on a ledge with the key.

  • DS | Submitted by anonamous

    Super Boost

    When you are flying and you come up to one of the boost rings, go into it sideways and the boost will level you out and you will get a very big boost

  • DS | Submitted by Anonymous

    Wizpig door

    In the log

    When you go in the log you will find a picture of Wizpig. Tap the picture with your stylus and then trace around the picture. Then the door will break and you can go inside.