Diablo Immortal dodges microtransaction complaints to become the series' biggest launch

A Diablo Immortal character battles a demon in hell
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Diablo Immortal has defied its microtransaction-laiden image to become the biggest global launch in series history.

Earlier today, the official Diablo Immortal Twitter account revealed that the game had surpassed 10 million downloads worldwide. This makes Diablo Immortal the single biggest launch in the history of the historic franchise, beating out any mainline and spin-off games that have come before it.

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However, the new game hasn't been without its troubles. Since it launched earlier this month in June, fans have been frustrated by Diablo Immortal's use of microtransactions, particularly when players have been reaching the endgame and PvP sections of the new game.

You need only take a look at the replies to the original announcement just above to see how fans have responded to Diablo Immortal. Some are calling the microtransactions in the game "predatory," and while others are pointing out that you don't need to engage with the system, others are replying that they undoubtedly will once they hit the endgame. It's also worth noting that as a free-to-play mobile game, Diablo Immortal's potential audience is significantly larger than the premium titles that came before it, especially those that launched when video games were a much smaller industry than they are now.

Back before Diablo Immortal launched, Blizzard reassured fans that the game's microtransactions "never circumvent core gameplay," and just a few days later, the company announced the game wouldn't be launching in two European countries due to laws against loot boxes and gambling. Then, when the game actually launched, pay-to-win complaints were rife from fans right from release. It hasn't been a smooth launch for Diablo Immortal, but it has been a successful one.

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