Diablo III item database teases fans with rare loot

Yes, Diablo III will have a story that we’re sure will continue the series’ high standard for rich lore. But c’mon! You know what Diablo’s all about: the loot. It’s always been about the phat, phat, loot. And if waiting for Diablo III's 2012 release is giving you a case of treasure withdrawals, you can feed your loot lust by browsing through the recently launched item database on Battle.net.

Just keep in mind that the loot on show is by no means final. A notice on the new item database makes a point to tell fans to “Expect more rainbows.” Still, it’s great fun to have an early look at all the wizard hats, weapons, gems and other items showcased. The database will also give you an idea of the sorts material requirements you’ll have to meet for crafting better gear with the game’s artisan system.

Meanwhile, the dungeon crawling continues in the Diablo III beta. If you aren’t participating in the beta, you can find out what you’ve been missing by checking out our beta preview Diablo III.

Oct 4, 2011