Diablo 4 will get new and upgraded graphics features after launch

Diablo 4
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4 will get new graphical features following launch.

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has published a new blog post dedicated to the technical side of Diablo 4's impressive graphics. Buried at the end of the extensive blog post was an announcement that Diablo 4 will get "new features" in the graphics department after launch, and its team will "optimize existing ones."

"After launch, the team will continue to introduce new features, and enhance and optimize existing ones," the full blog post section reads. "We welcome your feedback and urge you to share any thoughts on the Diablo 4 Forums. But, for now, thank you for joining us in this deep dive into the graphics that make Diablo 4 so artistically ominous."

Considering the rest of the blog post delves into detail on things like shadow rendering, HDR, shading, and resolution, we're talking real technical when it comes to "new features." Don't expect to see a performance boost to 60FPS for the Xbox One version of Diablo 4, in other words, or any other headline-grabbing overhauls, as Blizzard's devs are keeping things a lot more intricate.

What's more, temper your expectations if you're playing Diablo 4 on Xbox One or PS4. Blizzard doesn't explicitly state this, but there's the sense throughout the blog post that the dev team is really trying to push the envelope with new-gen technology, and so we really wouldn't expect a whole lot of these graphical enhancements to be available on old-gen tech. We'd like to be surprised, though.

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