Right now it seems like Diablo 4 WILL be on PS4 and PS5

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Will Diablo 4 be on PS4 and PS5, and what other consoles besides that? Right now the answer looks like yes, it will be, as well as a host of other consoles around the same time. It's been a slightly muddy issue though, as the fourth Diablo game was given a lot of time to shine at the 2022 Xbox/Bethesda Showcase - leading some to wonder if it would be an Xbox exclusive on release, like many other games shown at the same presentation. Communication around this issue has not been great overall, but we'll go into more detail below about whether Diablo 4 will be on PS4, PS5, and where else you can play it.

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Will Diablo 4 be on PS4 and PS5?

Yes, at time of writing it has been confirmed in an official press release by Blizzard that Diablo 4 will be on PS4 and PS5, as well as most other mainstream consoles. In fact, the full list of platforms you can play it on is as follows:

- PS4

- PS5

- Xbox Series X/S

- Xbox One X/S

- Windows PC (via Battle.net)

Now with a tentative release date of somewhere in 2023, the game also boasts complete cross-platform compatibility, meaning that anybody on any of the consoles above should be able to play with any other player on any other console. This means that you shouldn't worry about getting a different platform if you have an old PS4, as you'll still be able to team up and play with other people on different consoles.

Of course, considering the uncertainty around the issue, there could potentially be changes to that lineup in the future. Any mention of PS4 and Xbox One on the official Diablo 4 website was recently expunged, though this seems at odds with the announcement that it'll be available on those very consoles, suggesting some behind-the-scenes confusion around this issue. 

Still, the official position from the most recent press release is that Diablo 4 will be on all the consoles listed above, and until we officially hear anything contradictory, that seems like the safest point of reference for now.

If you want to know more, check the link to see our page on Everything We Know About Diablo 4. 

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