Diablo 4 might receive the much-requested Rebirth feature from the series' past

Diablo 4
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We recently learned that Diablo 4’s seasons require a new character with each new battle pass, prompting many Diabloers in the community to ask for the return of the Rebirth feature.

Diablo 4 requires that you create a new character every season to play through the season’s new quests and content. Once a particular season ends, your new seasonal character is sent to the eternal realm (also known as the main game), and you’ll need to create another new character for the following season. Starting over from scratch can be a tough ordeal, especially when you’ve sweated over a particular character’s face for hours.

Diablo 3 had a pretty cool fix for this issue in the form of the Rebirth feature, which essentially let us transform a non-seasonal character and turn them into a seasonal one. During Rebirth, the non-seasonal character would revert back to level one and send their equipped gear back to the main game. Ultimately, the feature stripped any progress a character had made, while only retaining their name, their face, and the time played. Waving goodbye to progress would have been difficult, but many demon-slayers wanted to take one character across multiple seasons. 

Diablo’s community manager has now confirmed that the team is aware of the feature’s popularity. “Rebirth isn’t a feature in [Diablo 4] yet,” said community manager Adam Fletcher, “but we’ve heard this [request] a bunch so the team is aware.” Fletcher saying the feature isn’t here “yet” seems to imply that Diablo 4 will get its own version of Rebirth one day, although that’s just speculation. 

That’s welcome news as Diablo 4 is about to welcome its first seasonal content update called Season Of The Malignant later this month. Though, players who have run out of things to do in-game should “take a break and go play something else,” according to the team at Blizzard. 

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