Here's what happens to your Diablo 4 character when a season ends

Diablo 4 battle pass
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We've known for a while that Diablo 4 seasons require a new character with each battle pass, but what happens to your old seasonal character?

To be fair to Blizzard, we've also known for some time that Diablo 4 seasonal characters are simply transferred over to the Eternal realm - where your normal character(s) are - at the end of each season, just like in past Diablo games. That said, it's worth clarifying how the whole thing works for those new to the series, especially with all of the new information about seasonal content.

In a news post, Blizzard explained that at the end of every season, the character you created as well as the progress you made will be moved to the Eternal realm along with all of the items you collected, including your seasonal stash. You can then pillage Sanctuary to your heart's desire just like you would with any other character. The only real caveat is that any season-specific features, like the recently revealed Malignant hearts, won't be carried over to the Eternal realm and will no longer be accessible.

Since you need to have completed the campaign to access seasonal content, all new seasonal characters will be able to skip the campaign and will start with the mount already unlocked, as well as all Altars of Lilith, previously discovered areas of the map, and associated Renown.

Diablo 4 season 1 will soft launch on July 18 with new items and balance changes in the Eternal realm, and a July 20 update will kick off the actual seasonal content, seasonal characters, and battle pass.

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