Diablo 4 hotfix 8 fixes bugs with PvP and standout bosses

DIablo 4's Inarius close to smiting down a foe
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Another Diablo 4 hotfix is upon us. Diablo 4 hotfix 8 - still attached to its lengthy patch 1.0.2 - rolled out early this morning, and has a distinct focus on some of the game's trickier encounters.

Several fixes are aimed directly at bosses; 'The Curator' will no longer disappear if it casts a specific ability, and other Capstone bosses will no longer lose the ability to target the player. Blizzard has also fixed a bug where the level 100 Pinnacle encounter wouldn't progress properly, helping out those higher-level players.

But it's not just boss fights. Hotfix 8 also targets Nightmare Dungeons, ensuring that you continue to get the same instance (and the same credit) as your coop partners through dungeons, and Blizzard also tweaked the appearance rate of Elite monsters through dungeons more generally.

Elsewhere, there's a tweak to PVP, where Blizzard has "fixed an issue [...] where damage adjustments would improperly stack with other Damage Reduction," and a fix to an issue that would see items drop in lower World Tiers than intended. And once again, just to round things off, the hotfix also offers the classic "stability fixes and improvements."

Blizzard's post-launch Diablo efforts have been pretty impressive. As well as these eight hotfixes, there have also been multiple micropatches to help with balance around specific classes. Couple that with the game's smooth launch (glossing over the class war), and it's been one of the most impressive releases of this year so far.

All hail Diablo 4 patch 1.0.2, the GOAT of day one updates.

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