Diablo 4 devs are putting on two livestreams for all the Season 2 changes

Diablo 4
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Diablo 4 Season 2 will get not one but two livestreams to go over the full details of the upcoming season.

Blizzard has announced the scheduled dates for their next livestreams surrounding Diablo 4. First come the "Developer Updates livestream" slated to take place next week on October 4, kicking off at right around 11am PT / 2pm ET/ 7pm BST.

Normally, one livestream would be enough for Diablo 4's dev team, but that's not the case with Season 2. The following week on October 10, there'll be a "Campfire Chat," which has typically been the sort of livestream where Blizzard tackles fan feedback and responds to queries directly.

There must be a lot of unpack with Season 2 of Diablo 4. The first livestream will go over the vampiric scourge that's taking hold in Season 2, as well as quality-of-life updates for Diablo 4, while the Campfire Chat showcase will focus on class changes and rebalances as well as fan feedback.

Even with all that lined out, that's still a lot of ground for Blizzard to cover. From the new schedule, it sounds like the Campfire Chat stream has been pushed back slightly - it was originally meant to debut in the first week of October, but now it seems like the Developer Updates livestream is taking precedence. 

Diablo 4 Season 2 launches next month on October 17, precisely a week after the latter Campfire Chat livestream, and it'll have a blockbuster of five new endgame bosses for veterans to tackle

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