Diablo 4 devs targeting Season of Blood update stream in the next two weeks

Diablo 4 Season of Blood
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4's devs are "targeting" the first week of October for a big livestream going over all the details of Season 2.

Yesterday, September 21, Diablo global community development director Adam Fletcher took to Twitter once again to make an announcement for new Diablo 4 details. This time, the developer reveals there'll be a big livestream during the first week of October, if all goes to plan, unveiling new details of Diablo 4 Season 2.

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This will probably end up being one of the "Campfire" streams from Blizzard, where senior developers on Diablo 4 get candid about the future of the game for players. We'll definitely hear a lot more about the intricate parts of Season 2 in this livestream, including the brand new vampire class.

We'll hear a concrete date for the new livestream at some point next week. Yes, this basically is an announcement for an announcement, as Fletcher jokingly acknowledges in the replies to his tweet above, but it's still nice to have a roadmap in our minds for Blizzard's next steps.

Diablo 4's leads should tackle player questions and worries in the big new stream. Earlier this year, relatively shortly after launch, Blizzard used the Campfire stream to address player frustration surrounding a pre-Season 1 update, which basically extended the grind in the action-RPG. 

Last we heard, Diablo 4's big Season 2 update was still on track to launch during the middle of next month on October 17. The new season will boast five brand new endgame bosses, as well as the aforementioned new vampire classes, which surprisingly won't be the vampire class from Diablo Immortal. 

Some Diablo 4 players think Uber Uniques also need an overhaul, after one player didn't even realize they'd got their hands on one of the ultra-rare items. 

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