That Diablo 4 beta is just an internal test, Blizzard says

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Update: It turns out that the Diablo 4 beta spotted on the launcher earlier today is just for internal testing.

Series GM Rod Fergusson took to Twitter to clarify that the Diablo 4 beta players saw on the launcher won't be open to the public. However, he also confirmed that "more public testing" is on the way in the future as Blizzard "continues down the path to shipping in 2023."

So, a bit of bad news and good news, coupled with assurance that 2023 is still Diablo 4's targeted launch window. Back to playing Diablo Immortal in the meantime.

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Fans are getting excited at the prospect of finally playing Diablo 4 now that the beta has appeared on the launcher. 

Last month's Xbox and Bethesda showcase revealed Diablo 4 is set to arrive on PC and consoles sometime in 2023. While there's still no word on exactly when the beta will be happening, a new addition to Blizzard's server system suggests we might not have long to wait. 

As posted by Reddit user enelby on the Diablo subreddit (via, the Diablo 4 beta has now been added to the launcher. The site shows an image of the beta's installation window and a bunch of catalogue config data. The codename Fenris is mentioned numerous times in the config files, which is the name Blizzard used when referring to Diablo 4 during the game's early development.

Although there's nothing to download right now, the fact the launcher is being prepared suggests the Diablo 4 beta could be with us sooner than expected. The news has fans excited and cautiously optimistic. "I am trying to temper my expectations, but also getting excited," commented one user, while another wrote, "If I had to guess, I would say early to mid-September. But August would obviously be nice."

It's worth noting that Blizzard recently announced the Diablo Hell's Ink tour, which grants fans entry into the beta in exchange for getting a Diablo-themed tattoo. The tour is happening right now and doesn't end until September 10, so it's unlikely that the beta will happen before then, but Blizzard could be planning to get it underway shortly after. For now, we'll have to wait for official word from the developer to know when we'll be able to go hands-on with the long-awaited action RPG. 

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