Survival mode Bloody Palace is coming to Devil May Cry 5 in a free spring update

Devil May Cry 5 has already established itself as one of 2019's greatest action games - "a wild, exhilarating ride from start to finish," as our Devil May Cry 5 review puts it. Now your mastery of Nero, Dante, and V's distinct, over-the-top fighting styles needn't end after you've finished the story, as Capcom is adding in the Bloody Palace survival mode for free on all platforms starting April 1.

Despite the release date, there's no April Fool's silliness here - just you, a constantly ticking timer, and waves of demons to beat down in the fastest, flashiest way possible. With each increasingly difficult wave, you'll face off against hordes of regular enemies and even the occasional boss, testing your combos and dodging skills as the screen fills up with carnage. Once you've cleared out all the baddies in one arena, it looks like you'll drop down into the next via a gaping chasm and start the violent process all over again.

Details on the specifics of the Bloody Palace are still a bit thin, but you can bet that it'll incorporate some manner of leaderboards so you can compete with friends and strangers for the best scores and times. Being able to play as any of the three protagonists should give this survival mode plenty of replayability, as you chase after those SSStylish grades and sharpen your combat skills to a razor's edge. Get a closer look at the gauntlet that awaits you in the Bloody Palace with these screens:

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