Destroy All Humans: Screen invasion

You have to try and see it from both sides of the galactic divide. Do you think those Space Invaders wanted to march slowly from side to side? Do you believe that their only ambition in life was to clog the Earth's guns with their Invader dead? No, they had dreams, careers and families too. They were mere innocents, following orders in the war between the humans and those cruel buzzing UFOs that raced cowardly across the top of the screen.

So we should be a little more understanding of Crypto from Destroy All Humans too. After all, it came from outer space and frankly it was a little cranky after the long journey. And who wouldn't be a little bit annoyed after crossing half the universe only to find that your clone brother was being cut up as a scientist's specimen?

Which does explain why the toothy terror has decided to pulp human heads with the power of his mind, toast citizens with his death-ray and avoid the mysterious men in black. Crypto can even take to the air in his UFO and use three different types of alien weaponry to destroy huge swathes of hick-town until he finally gets the chance to go to Washington DC and make his complaint to the President directly.

So why not engage your sympathy circuits and look over these latest screens of Crypto's plight on Earth. Go on, enjoy them all, you fleshy meat-bags.

Destroy All Humans will be invading PS2 and Xbox in March 2005