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Destiny's Rise Of Iron has, er, risen! Here's where you'll find all our newest and hottest Destiny stuff, from tips to news, to gameplay, to secrets and more. Updated each and every time a new thing comes in, as the headline suggests. 

Destiny Rise of Iron review 

Go on and read our Rise Of Iron review here. 

Latest Rise of Iron news

Almost as quickly as it went live, Wrath of the Machine was beaten.

5 hints at Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Wrath of the Machine Raid from the trailer. 

If you're waiting for the hardest challenge in the new DLC then here's exactly when Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Raid, Wrath of the Machine, goes live.

Save your blues! Rise of Iron is decrypting Rare Engrams at 325+ light.

The Khvostov is back, and here's how you get the quest that upgrades it into an Exotic.

If you missed it here's how to get a Year 3 Thorn in Rise of Iron.

You can totally ride the flying robot things in the Plaguelands.

Destiny Rise of Iron tips and guides

This is our main hub for all our Rise Of Iron tips and guides. That includes help with factions, chests, dead ghost locations and more. 

Confused my the new systems, items, and miscellaneous mysteries? So were we at first. So let us explain 19 things Destiny: Rise of Iron never tells you

Here’s how to reach the top of Felwinter Peak in Destiny: Rise Of Iron. 

We've also got some Destiny tips to raise your light level fast, if you need to catch up.

Find out what Rise of Iron's new artifacts actually do.

And if you need to get your house (of wolves) in order here are 7 things you have to do before Rise of Iron.

Want a secret award? Here's how to get Destiny: Rise of Iron's Sing the Iron Song achievement/trophy.

Destiny Rise of Iron information

Need to catch up fast? Then here's 6 things you need to know about Rise of Iron to bring you up to speed. 

Want to see how it all starts? Destiny: Rise of Iron's secrets begin... with a jumping puzzle.

We've also played Rise of Iron's first level (spoilers: it's good).

Here's a complete run-through of Rise of Iron's new strike .

Grind no more as Destiny: Rise of Iron will add paid reputation boosters if you want to spend some cash. 

You can also pretty up your gear as Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Exotic weapon ornaments are looking amazing. 

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