Here's what Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Artifacts actually do

Destiny's Rise of Iron is bringing a fair few changes but perhaps one of the biggest are the new class agnostic artifacts. 

There are 8 of these in total, each corresponding to a different Lord of Iron (pre-cursors to the Guardians). They come via a new vendor called Tyra Karn who gives you stuff to do in order to earn things called the Iron Lords’ Legacy which  you can then use to get one of three artifacts available each week. Visit her enough and you'll eventually be able to get all eight. 

Here's what they do. 

Memory of Radegast

The Memory of Radegast will let you reflect incoming projectiles when blocking with a sword. That includes energy based stuff like nova bombs and ogre's eye beams. It'll also deal with rockets in the crucible. 

Memory of Jolder

This removes the cooldown between sprints meaning the Memory of Jolder will let you run forever. 

Memory of Felwinter

The Memory of Felwinter is quite the gamble as it removes your Super but gives you an extra melee and grenade charge, and adds a small boost to armour, recovery, and agility.

Memory of Perun

With the Memory of Perun all enemy Guardians with a fully charged Super will glow yellow, while all low health enemies appear red.

Memory of Skorri 

The Memory of Skorri speeds up all nearby Guardian's Super charging rate.

Memory of Gheleon

Memory of Gheleon boosts your radar, and lets you keep it active while aiming down the sights. 

Memory of Silimar

Memory of Silimar reduces the effect of anything that inflicts damage over time.

Memory of Timur

Memory of Timur is potentially one of the more interesting artifacts, as it lets you turn PvE enemies into allies when you melee them. That could be fun. 

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