Save your blues! Rise of Iron is decrypting Rare Engrams at 325+ light

The rumours are true. Rise of Iron is decrypting any blue engrams you might have lying about at higher levels to fit in with the new DLC. 

After some server issues with Rise of Iron I managed to get in and play the first few missions (which you can watch below). Crucially, though I was able to decrypt about 50 odd Rare engrams I'd been hoarding. Everything is coming out at minimums of 320 Light and up, with most hitting 325s and more. 

Best of all I got three Legendaries and two Exotics from the stock pile, and some 330 chest armour. It'll be a short lived thrill to be sure, but it means everything my Warlock owns was 325+ in about three minutes. Hmmm, power. 

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Leon Hurley
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