5 hints at Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Wrath of the Machine Raid from the trailer

Bungie likes to keep Destiny Raids secret for as long as it can, but it also needs to tempt and tease players to get them excited about what's coming. A teaser for Rise of Iron (opens in new tab)'s new Raid, Wrath of the Machine, strikes a nice balance between mysterious and informative, showing off new areas we haven't seen in previous teasers, but not so much that the whole adventure feels spoiled.

Check out the full trailer below, and stick around for five moments we've picked out that seem to hint at what will be waiting for us when Wrath of the Machine opens this Friday.

Stealth splicers are going to be a pain

No Destiny Raid is complete without jumping puzzles

That's a LOT of bad guys - bring some crowd control

The mid-Raid boss is metal as hell (and it looks like you won't fight it directly)

There's lots of shenanigans going on in the server room

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