Destiny 2 Xur location: Where is Xur and what Exotics is he selling for Nov 9 - Nov 13


Destiny 2 players will find Xur the Exotic merchant on Io this weekend. You can now visit him in-game, and he'll be here until 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST on Tuesday, November 13. 

To reach Xur, set down at the Giant's Scar landing zone on the eastern half of Io. Head through the base toward the Cabal mining drill and hang a left. You'll find Xur in a cave near some loose cargo crates. 

Here's everything Xur is selling this weekend: 

  •  Weapon: The Prospector 
  •  Hunter armor: Ophidia Spathe  
  •  Warlock armor: Winter's Guile  
  •  Titan armor: Aeon Safe  

Hunters are definitely the lucky class this weekend. Before Forsaken, Ophidia Spathe was underwhelming due to the low power level of the Gunslinger's normal throwing knives. But with the new Way of a Thousand Cuts subclass tree and its rapid-recharge throwing knives, this Exotic chest piece caught a second wind. The extra knife charge provided by Ophidia Spathe works wonders with the Playing With Fire skill which recharges your knives. As long as you land your throws, you can use this combo to clear entire missions without firing a shot. And if you play a strike or mission with Brawler active, you basically turn into Overwatch's Genji. 

Xur's other items are less exciting. Winter's Guile is outclassed by Ophidian Aspect and the Karnstein Armlets, while Aeon Safe is just as worthless as the other Aeon Exotics. And though the Prospector is fun to use - not to mention one of the best-looking weapons in Destiny 2 - it isn't much better than most legendary grenade launchers. Snag them if you want to expand your collection, but don't worry about them otherwise. 

An incoming Destiny 2 update will address the game's performance on console and buff some woefully underused supers.