Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour Sept 22-26, Should you buy The Wardcliff Coil?

Xur's on Titan this week in Destiny 2 and, yes, he's got a lot of good things for you stranger. Mainly The Wardcliff Coil, which you'll buy just because it looks amazing. But should you get the rest?

A word of warning though, while Xur is now about until the weekly Tuesday reset there's a big ol' patch of maintenance due Monday you need to be careful about. If you're planning on spending some shards then avoid 6amPDT/2pmUTC to 12pmPDT/10pmUTC on the Monday while the maintenance is running. 

Now, what's tentacle face got this week?

Where is Xur? 

Xur's on Titan this week, in The Rig area. Just hang a 180 when you spawn and head straight, and slightly left, until you pass under some stairs going up and see some more stairs heading down. He's in the small building to the left of those, so head around, in through the door, and prepare your shards. 

What's Xur selling this week? 

It's a much better turn out this week after his previous selection of campaign leftovers. Each of the class specific items have at least one significantly useful perk. And then there's there's that rocket launcher. Let's get to that first... 

The Wardcliff Coil, rocket launcher - 29 shards

Look, I can argue all day long about about perks and damage here but you're going to buy the Coil because it does this: 

Another, more useful name for it might be 'The Make Everything Explosively Dead in a Wide Radius Tube' but I can understand that not scanning well with focus groups. 

It's a Power Weapon and the perfect tool for crowd control in strikes and raids - get some height, decide which part of the floor you want to hurt and unleash a cloud of rockets. 

The good news is that on top of the sheer spectacle, the perks are handy too. Mainly Mechanized Autoloader which automatically slings ammo pick ups into the magazine as you run around, giving you one less thing to worry about when you're trying to vaporise a swarm of thralls.  

Foetracer, Hunter helmet  - 23 shards

It's nice and literal name for this Hunter Exotic. The Foetracer. It traces foes. If a Hunter can get an enemy under their sights, then it marks it for easy tracking and everyone in the fireteam will be able to see them too. Plus, for the Hunter only, more damage will be dealt to marked lower health enemies. 

It's basically a useful coordination tool in things like strikes, when everyone needs to be pointing their guns the same way. 

ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Titan gauntlets - 23 shards

Because Titans obviously need even more chances to smash shit up good, the Feedback Fence gauntlets store energy from melee kills until something hits you and then lets it all out in an explosion. Okay, you can't really control it but it defintely helps if you like charging into crowds to punch things.

Sunbracers, Warlock gauntlets - 23 shards

Another Solar favouring warlock Exotic this week. This is best for the Grenade lover as it makes Solar grenades last longer, and gives you grenade energy with melee hits. If you're a punchy, grenade spamming Solar player then you can't really say no.