Destiny 2 loadouts are finally coming thanks to new third-party tools from Bungie

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 loadouts may soon be more than the stuff of dreams thanks to new tools available to third-party apps like the indispensable Destiny Item Manager.

Bungie outlined these tools in its latest blog post after casually announcing that armor mods will be free to apply going forward, eliminating another pain point of build-crafting. Finally, your Glimmer is safe. Anyway, next week's big December 7 update will also see the release of "'free and reversible' socket actions" which third-party app makers can apparently use to create more detailed loadouts.

Destiny Item Manager, for example, already lets you save basic loadouts of armor and weapons and apply them between activities. But with this addition, "your favorite D2 apps will be able to apply Armor 2.0 mods, weapon perks, shaders, ornaments, and ghost projections on your behalf," Bungie says. 

"We’re excited for how our community will take advantage of this, as it could open the door to potential loadouts for things like Nightfalls or PvP modes," the studio adds. 

Destiny 2 players have been asking for dedicated loadouts since the game came out, and with the added complexity of mods and stats, that demand has only exploded in recent years. This isn't an in-game solution, but it is a semi-official one, and given how much tools like DIM have been able to do with the bare minimum, there's no doubt they'll be able to use these tools to great effect. The pinned tweet for the official DIM Twitter account said as much a full year ago. It'll be interesting to see how granular these new loadouts can get, and how quickly they arrive. 

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