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How to trigger Tangled Shore Heroic Public Events in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken Tangled Shore Heroic Public Event

When it comes to a brand new areas, like the Tangled Shore in Destiny 2: Forsaken, it's all about working out just how to trigger the Heroic Public Events from the new types that pop up. When it comes to the Tangled Shore Heroic Public Events, there are two new types to work out - Cryo-Pod Defenders, and the Ether Ritual Investigation.

Thankfully, despite the fact that Forsaken just came out, how to trigger the Heroic versions has already been worked out. 

How to trigger Ether Ritual Investigation Tangled Shore Heroic Public Events

The first stage of the Ether Ritual Investigation Public Event requires you to take down three Chieftains. Notice that every time you take one down, a torrent of Ether - taking the form of a purple blob - will flow back towards the destroyed Servitor at the centre of the event. 

Well, to trigger the Ether Ritual Investigation Heroic Public Event you'll need to shoot all three these purple pals before they reach the Servitor. You've just got to make sure that none of them escape, as otherwise you can't trigger the Heroic Public Event. After that it's just a case of taking down the rest of the enemies. Good luck!

How to trigger Cryo-Pod Defenders Tangled Shore Heroic Public Events

When you're playing through the Cryo-Pod Defenders Public Event, and have defeated the first two waves of enemies to trigger the Wanted, you'll notice that the ground will periodically get covered with freezing gas that causes constant damage. When this happens, head over to the pod in the centre, and look for the vents that are actually emitting the gas. 

Shoot them while they're emitting the freezing gas and they'll drop orbs that you can use against the boss to freeze him right back. Do this a few times and you'll trigger the Heroic Public Event. 

Just make sure that during this time you don't kill the boss by other means, as you need him for the heroic section. You'll have to protect his frozen ass from the other enemies until he can be extracted. 

Sam Loveridge
Sam Loveridge

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