Destiny 2 community goes wild for Baby Fallen website

Destiny 2
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The Destiny 2 community is going wild for a new website featuring Baby Fallen, despite its simple execution. 

If you’ve been part of the Destiny community since the release of Season of the Splicer announcement, it’s been impossible to get away from the Baby Fallen (or Eliksni, their real name which will become relevant later). Heck, even if you don’t play Destiny, it’s likely you’ve gotten some residual splash.

In Season of the Splicer, players are entrusted to introduce a friendly faction of the Fallen into the Last City after their previous living situation became too dangerous. This faction includes our first look at the alien race's children.  While the world of Destiny contends with the complicated political ramifications of that, in the outside world things look different. 

The internet has embraced the creatures, lovingly dubbed ‘Smallen’, and their popularity continues to grow unlike anything since Baby Yoda. 

Nothing better illustrates the wanton enthusiasm for the little ones than the thread currently sitting at the top of the Destiny subreddit. With north of 6000 upvotes, user Calamity_Flare says they saw that was available. They then bought it up and put just one thing on the website. 

If you head over to the site you will see an animated gif of three Baby Fallen landing on a bed and then raising their arms. That’s it. Yet, its creation has seen major enthusiasm, with the most upvoted comments saying, “investment of the year”. Another user says, “What a good buy”, and one adds “I’ll take your entire stock”.

The animation work is a wonderful little burst of happiness for any Destiny fan and comes from Twitter user duckonaut.

If this doesn’t satiate your need for baby Fallen, Bungie is of course jumping onto this craze and offering players the ability to get their own. It was announced that a plush version of the small Eliksni would be made available for purchase on the Bungie Store. You can check out the listing here. 

For now though, if you want three baby Fallen to accompany you while you surf the web, why not just boot up It’s wonderful.

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