Destiny 2 added a new weapon skin which looks like the Buster Sword

Destiny 2's Izanagi's Burder
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 has given one of its most powerful sniper rifles a new skin, making it somewhat resemble Final Fantasy 7's iconic Buster Sword.

With the latest Season of the Chosen patch, the Izanagi's Burden rifle has been given a new Exotic ornament which lets you switch up the gun's appearance. Even before this ornament was added, the gun looked something like a blade but its new look pretty much makes all the references to that inescapable.

While this isn't the first time Bungie has added some *ahem* interesting additions to Destiny 2 - yes, we're talking about The Fresh Prince's Carlton dance - but there is definitely a reason behind the new weapon's ornament design. 

If you attach the new Exotic, called the Worldshaper Ornament, the gun will take on this new appearance. With this, it seems like Bungie is doubling down on making its references to Izanagi, who is known as one of the creator deities in Japanese culture alongside Izanami, a bit more overt.

in Japanese myth, the two gods Izanagi and Izanami used two spears to form Japan. This brings us to our next point about this skin change: while the ornament does resemble Cloud's Buster Sword, all of you Persona 4 fans out there might see something a little bit different.

In Persona 4, your main character can use Izanagi to aid them in battle and they can be seen wielding a spear, the tip of which looks a little something like this new render in Destiny 2.

So it makes perfect sense that this gun now more accurately resembles a spear, as opposed to a sword. While it is funny just how much it looks like the Buster Sword, it would seem that these similarities to the Buster Sword are entirely unintentional, but still extremely awesome nonetheless.

You can buy the new Exotic ornament using real-world currency in Destiny's in-game store. It will set you back by 700 Silver, but it seems like a worthy purchase.

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