Dennis Dugan pronounced Chuck's director

It’s been a long old slog for the gay marriage comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, which follows the misadventures of widowed fireman Larry Ellensworth. When red tape prevents his pension benefits from switching from his late wife to his kids, Larry hatches a plan. He’ll “marry” womanising best bud Chuck Ford and get the benefits released. Problem is, they then have to maintain the charade – no easy thing when Chuck falls for the beautiful lady lawyer they hire to argue their case. Sounds funny, right? Well, it has attracted a few thesps over the years. Rattling around the corridors of Hollywood for yonks, it’s been through more possible partnerships than Madonna’s had new looks.

But when Adam Sandler jumped on board as Chuck, along with Hitch’s Kevin James as Larry and Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin, it looked like it might finally stop being a bridesmaid and actually made it to full on, in production bride status. It even had a script from the Sideways duo of Alexander Payne and James Taylor.

Except… heartbreak was lurking just around the corner, as Dobkin ditched Chuck And Larry at the altar to run into the waiting arms of Vince Vaughn comedy Fred Clause. Don’t get out the hankies just yet through – Adam Sandler’s favourite director – Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy man Dennis Dugan has come riding to the film’s rescue. Cue the cheering crowds and the overly syrupy song by some flavour of the month band!

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