Demon's Souls PS5 gets stability patch, Bluepoint "continuing to work on fixes"

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Demon's Souls PS5 has a new patch out today that fixes a few unnamed stability issues, and Bluepoint Games says there's more to come.

In a tweet sent out Tuesday afternoon, the studio pledged to continue patching out bugs in future updates, specifically naming an exploit that players have been using to rapidly accumulate points in the Luck stat. "We are listening to the community and continuing to work on fixes such as the gold coin glitch and other improvements," Bluepoint said.

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Bluepoint hasn't released the patch notes for today's update, so it's hard to say what specifically it fixes. Though, weighing in at a meager 277MB (via Game Revolution), it's best not to expect anything game-changing. It seems like Demon's Souls isn't suffering from any major performance issues, so it's likely Bluepoint is simply working on some fine-tuning to afford players the best experience possible.

Elusive patch notes aren't the only mystery Demon's Souls PS5 is hiding. We still aren't sure what's going on with those scary sounds playing in the Nexus, and until recently, we had no idea what secrets lay behind a mysterious hidden door (hint, Penetrator boss armor). Of course, mysteries are likely to be the least of your concerns playing through Demon's Souls PS5 - though Bluepoint once considered introducing an easier game mode, it ultimately decided against it because it "wasn't our place."

If you're thinking of checking out Demon's Souls PS5 but aren't sure you can take the punishment, arm yourself with our essential Demon's Souls PS5 tips for dying as little as possible.

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