Demon's Souls PS5 mystery door is no longer a mystery

Update #2:

We figured it out, folks. We know what's behind the mystery door in Demon's Souls PS5 - an armor set based on the Penetrator boss.

Souls speedrunner Distortion2 was the one to solve the mystery of the door that's been alluding Demon's Souls players since it was discovered last week. Just a couple of days ago, the same streamer took advantage of a glitch that almost got him through the door, but now he's figured out how to get through properly. Check out the stream where it all went down:

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If you want to unlock the door and get the loot, you'll need to collect a certain amount of Ceramic Coins, which are pretty rare. Turn those in to Sparkly the Crow, who you'll find in the Shrine of Storms archstone, and you'll receive a rusty key. Head to the mystery door, and I think you know what to do from there. As for how many Ceramic Coins you need, it's not entirely clear, but Distortion2 was able to get the key with 30.

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Update #1: The mysterious door that appears in the Demon's Souls remake on PS5 was  unlocked by a speedrunner.

Distortion2 nearly got behind the door, which we know has some special item beyond it, by using the way Demon's Souls levels load to their advantage. You can walk into objects right after loading into the game and stand inside the object as it's loading in (Distortion2 suggests the collision effect likely doesn't load right away). As you can see in the video above, Distortion2 uses this glitch to get upon the wall of the courtyard surrounding the secret door. However, the courtyard is clearly surrounded by invisible walls, preventing anyone from getting in. 

Damn, we were so close.

Original Story: 

Demon's Souls players on PS5 appear to have uncovered a mysterious locked door hidden away that wasn't featured in the original 2009 release. 

A video was recently posted on Reddit from user OrganizedBonfire, who stumbled upon a hidden door in the 1-3 world area that's tucked away in the depths of a corridor. Hidden behind a new illusionary wall, a message pops up telling you that "the door appears to be locked" when you try to interact with it. The post is filled with replies of players trying to work out how to get past the door, along with many theorising about what mystery lies beyond it. As of writing, no player has managed to open it up yet.

Does anyone know how to open this door in 1-3? from r/demonssouls

Player Cosmic-Vagabond posted a picture of what's seemingly beyond the door. As revealed in a reply on Reddit, they managed to take a peek using Demon's Souls photo mode. "If you hug the locked door, you can position your camera through the door to the other side," Cosmic-Vagabond writes. "Then you can activate photo mode to take a look around at the terrace past the door." By standing a little before the bridge to Yuria's Tower, photo mode also lets you get another view of the terrace, where there appears to be an item... but just what this item remains to be seen.  

Has anyone figured out how to get past the illusory wall locked door in 1-3? from r/demonssouls

As one Reddit user points out in the replies, Bluepoint also added a new mystery to the Shadow of the Colossus remaster on PS4, which leads them to propose a theory about how the door could be opened. You_ _Nwah writes, "Bluepoint added 79 gold coins in the SOTC remaster. And for some reason, they also added gold coins into the Demon's Souls remake? I don't want to task anyone with this, but maybe the answer is to approach the door with 79 Gold coins in your inventory?" Could gold coins be the key? It's certainly an interesting idea.

There's nothing quite like a good mystery, and it'll be exciting to see just how players are rewarded when they work out how to open the door. 

Jumping into Bluepoint's remake yourself? Our Demon's Souls tips are here to help. Speaking of tips, we've got some on how you might still be able to buy a PS5.

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