Demon's Souls' scary sounds are just a glitch, and Sony says a fix is on the way

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Update: Another Demon's Souls mystery has been solved: we finally know what's going on with those weird, creepy noises that like to occasionally scare the crap out of players. Turns out, the phenomenon is nothing more than a glitch, Sony told Kotaku in a statement.

It's a rather anticlimactic end to a mystery that sparked theories from changes to Demon's Souls' world tendency to something to do with the now unmysterious mystery door, but that's just how it is. It's just a rather frightening glitch, and Sony told Kotaku it's working on a fix.

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Demon's Souls players are getting the bejesus scared out of them by new and seemingly inexplicable sound effects.

There's already tons of speculation for what might be causing the sounds in the PS5 remake, as they were not present in the original PS3 version of the game. They're tough to describe, beyond, I dunno… like what a horror movie would play the first time you see the monster? They're alarming, especially because we don't know why they're happening.

Here's one player who had their otherwise peaceful visit to the Nexus disrupted, right in the middle of a shopping trip:

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And here's a video showing two more. The first one occurs out in the world in a quiet moment, understandably taking streamer Lance McDonald by surprise. The second occurs in the Nexus like the one above.

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Initially players speculated that this may be related to changes in World Tendency, the enigmatic value that changes to reflect the aggregate actions of players. Demon's Souls developer Bluepoint did make some changes to make the concept of World Tendency easier to grasp, so it may have wanted to add back in a little more freaky uncertainty in the process.

As players feverishly try to reach the other side of Demon's Souls mysterious locked door, some are speculating that the sounds somehow tie in to that mystery as well. Players have successfully reached the exterior part of what lies on the other side, but invisible walls are keeping them from picking up the item that lurks just outside their reach.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to find out what all these enigmatic new embellishments - on what was already a very freaky game - mean.

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