Deltarune Chapters 3 - 5 are in development and will be a paid release

Deltarune Chapter 2
(Image credit: Toby Fox)

Deltarune Chapters 3 - 5 are in the works and "will someday be available as a paid release."

Director Toby Fox confirmed as much on the updated Itch page for Deltarune, which abruptly released its second chapter today, September 17. We didn't hear a thing about Chapter 2 until right before its release, and Fox is being equally cryptic about future chapters, not hinting at any sort of time frame or price point. The whole thing has big 'ready when it's ready' energy, which you've got to respect. 

The first chapter of Deltarune was released in October 2018, putting Chapter 2 at just under three years of development time. Here's hoping Chapter 3 doesn't take another three years, assuming chapters continue to come out individually. As ever, we're hungry to see more of this inimitable universe, especially with Chapter 2 playfully promising "...only 1 ending…?" 

Last September, Fox said that the team was considering hiring more developers to speed up production, but we haven't gotten any definitive updates on the scale and speed of the project. Ah well, at least we've got some "jevilishly difficult hidden bosses" to hunt down in Chapter 2 in the meantime. 

In any case, the fact that there's more Deltarune "in active development" is exciting news. Fans were certainly hungry for Chapter 2. As Itch confirmed when the new chapter dropped, the sudden influx of hungry Undertale and Deltarune fans outright crashed the site

If all else fails, there are some great games like Undertale that will fill that extremely weird hole in your life. 

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